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  • Who can receive a Reiki treatment?
    Anyone of any age or background can safely receive a Reiki session. It is considered to be safe for everyone including pregnant women, children and babies, and even pets.
  • Is Reiki a religion?
    No. Although a Reiki session feels like a deeply spiritual experience for many recipients, Reiki can be utilized by anyone. There are Reiki practitioners all over the world of various religions and faiths. It is not necessary to be a part of a particular religious community, or even any religious community at all, in order to receive benefits from Reiki.
  • What will happen during my in-person Reiki session?
    Your in-person Reiki session will last approximately 60 minutes, not including setup time. Your practitioner will arrive 20-30 minutes early to allow time for set up and completion necessary forms. A portable massage table will be made available for you to lie on, face up, during the session; alternatively, some clients may wish to have their session administered while sitting in a chair or lying on a bed or a sofa. You will remain fully clothed; however, most clients prefer to remove their shoes for comfort. During the session, the practitioner will place her hands lightly on, or just above, the client's body (per the preference of the client), in a series of hand positions designed to allow for optimal flow of life force energy throught the body. Each hand position will be held for several minutes each, and the practitioner may be intuitively guided to hold some hand positions for longer than others, or revisit some hand positions if additional healing energy is needed. Please be assured that no sensitive or private parts of the body will be touched during the session.
  • What will happen during my distance Reiki session?
    It is not necessary to see or speak with your practitioner directly during a distance session, as the energy of Reiki can be transmitted across space and time. If you book your session with us, approximately 15 minutes prior to your scheduled session you will receive an email with an audio file containing some soothing music for you to enjoy, if you wish, while Reiki energy is being sent to you. If possible, you may want to sit or lie down in a comfortable place and close your eyes during your session, although this is not necessary, as the energy will still flow as appropriate no matter what you are doing at that time.
  • What will I feel or experience during my session?
    The experiences received during a Reiki session are unique to the individual, and thus highly variable. Some may feel a sensation of warmth, or alternatively a cooling sensation, at each hand position. Others may see images or colors, or feel pulsing or tingling sensations. Many recipients even fall asleep during their session; this is perfectly normal. In some instances, the recipient may not believe they felt anything at all; this not a cause for concern, as for some people the effects of Reiki may reveal themselves slowly over the days following a session.
  • What should I do after my session?
    The most important thing to do immediately after any Reiki session is to rest and ground yourself. If you are receiving an in-person treatment from us, at the end of your session we will allow for a few minutes of rest and debriefing while you enjoy a complimentary bottle of water and healthy snack. If you are receiving a distance Reiki session, we encourage you to have some water and a snack handy for after your session. During the next few days after your treatment, remember to stay adequately hydrated as your body adjusts itself. It is often helpful over the next few days to keep a journal of any insights that come up, or any noteworthy changes in how you feel. For best results, remain open to any spontaneous insights that may arise in regards to the intention that you set during your Reiki session.
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